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What is ValeryVPS?
We offer a service of Forex trading Virtual Private Servers (VPS), designed for optimal results, customized with all of our Expert Advisors, and powered by the renowned company, called ValeryVPS.ValeryVPS is perfect for you if you want to trade with my Expert Advisors already installed & configured, ready to go on a high-performance server, and located as near as possible to the leading Forex brokers.You can learn everything about it in this video:Click here to watch the video
How to get a ValeryVPS
There are two ways in which you can gain access to a ValeryVPS server:By starting a free trial for any of our Expert Advisors and installing it using the “Easy installation”.Using the easy installation, you can get free access to a ValeryVPS for the duration of your free trial. Therefore, you’ll get access to the server for a maximum of 14 days. If you want to activate your ValeryVPS server when you’re halfway through your trial, you will get access to it for one week, until your trial ends.Mind that you will only get access to a ValeryVPS server for your first Expert Advisor trial. That means if you already got access to a server while on trial before, you will not be eligible to get it once again.In order to keep your ValeryVPS, you will need to purchase an Expert Advisor license. If you buy any EA license before your 14 days trial expire, you’ll get to keep your server for free, for a period of 2 months from the moment of your purchase. If you do not buy any EA license before your trial period expires, the server will be automatically terminated.2. By buying an Expert Advisor license and activating your server through your user dashboard.Once you purchase an Expert Advisor license, you can get free access to a ValeryVPS server for a period of 2 months.Two weeks before your 2 months period ends, you’ll have the possibility to keep your server by moving to a paid plan provided directly by at $30 per month, or simply terminate your server.If you do not make a decision within those two weeks prior to your 2 months period end, your server will be terminated automatically.
How to update your EAs/news & events file
One of the advantages of having a ValeryVPS is that you can update automatically Perceptrader AI or any Expert Advisor in a few minutes, without having to download and installing any files. Whenever there is an update to  Perceptrader AI or the newsevents.txt file used for back-testing, you can update the files by following these steps:    1. Look for the “Expert Advisors” folder in your ValeryVPS desktop and open it.            2. Locate the auto-updater files:        a. “Update_EAs_from_Website.bat”: You can use this file to auto-update all the Expert Advisors to their latest version.        b. “Update_NewsEvents_from_Website.bat”: You can use this file to auto-update the news events file to their latest version.    3. Double click on any of those files, then press any key and wait for the script to run. Once the updates are finished, you will see an “!!! DONE NOW !!!” success message, which means your files have been updated successfully, and are now available in your MetaTrader terminals and ready to be used.    
How to renew/terminate your ValeryVPS
After your free ValeryVPS 2 months period ends, you’ll need to decide if you want to keep your server by moving to a paid plan, or to terminate the server.Two weeks before your period ends, we’ll make a window available in the ValeryVPS section of your user dashboard, where you’ll be able to make your decision. If you decide to keep it, you’ll start paying monthly invoices of $30 to directly, and if you decide to terminate it, the server will be deleted.Mind that not making a decision within the two weeks prior to your 2 months period expiration, will result in server termination, so make sure to make your decision as soon as you can. We’ll notify you via email as well, to make sure you do not miss it.To decide if you want to renew/terminate your ValeryVPS, follow these steps:Log in to your user dashboardHead to the ValeryVPS sectionClick on the “ValeryVPS renewal/termination” buttonDecide if you want to keep or terminate your server by checking the “I want to keep my server” or “I do not want to keep my server” boxes        5. Confirm your decision by clicking on the “Confirm decision” button.Based on your decision, your server will be kept online or terminated at the end of your 2 months period. Remember that if you do not make a decision before your period ends, your server will be automatically terminated.If kept online, there will be no changes to your server, and you’ll be receiving invoices from the first day of each month. You’ll have 4 days in total to pay for said invoices to avoid server suspension and 3 days after that to avoid server termination.