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Telegram public channel
I strongly urge you to join my Telegram announcement channel. Why? Because there, you will have access to continuous updates and insights on my expert advisors, market trends, and algorithmic trading as a whole.Staying informed with the latest and most relevant information will empower you to make informed decisions, allowing you to maximize your profits while effectively managing your risk. Trust me, it can make a significant difference in your trading journey.To follow the channel, simply click on the provided link and become a subscriber. I recommend enabling notifications so that you receive immediate alerts whenever a new post is made.Click here to join my public Telegram channel
How to join Telegram private groups
After purchasing your EA license, you will be able to join our exclusive private Telegram groups. Within this groups, you will find a community of hundreds of experienced users who have been trading with tmy Expert Advisors for up to 3 years.The groups are usually very active, with the members sharing their experiences and expertise daily, learning from each other and working as a team to achieve their trading goals.Furthermore, I am involved in the groups, dedicated to assisting everyone with their queries and providing timely updates and relevant news. Your satisfaction and success are my top priorities.To join the group/s of the EA/s you purchase, simply look for the “Telegram” buttons inside each Expert Advisor box you’ve purchased, and click on it. You’ll be automatically redirected to the group, with an invite to join.